Accounting Services
in Centerville, OH

Accounting ServicesWhether you’re in need of tax help or a consultation, Skelley & Company CPAs works hard to make sure the accounting demands of each of our clients are met fully, so you’re always confident in your financial position. If you need an accounting firm to handle the setup of your startup’s accounting software or you’re looking for the seasoned oversight of a tax accountant, we’re ready to help. Count on our accounting services in  Dayton, Centerville, Kettering, Montgomery County, and Green County, OH to operate with integrity and transparency to help you achieve your goals.

General Accounting Services

Our abilities cover all general accounting needs and we make ourselves available to understand exactly what your business needs from our firm. In addition, we also go above and beyond to offer several additional services, including:

  • Limited payroll
    We can get your business set up with basic payroll, then help you transition this integral part of your operations over to a regular provider. We will prepare your annual Forms 1099 to maintain your business compliance.
  • Accounting for Subsidiaries
    Do you have global subsidiaries? We have the ability to work with your subsidiaries and assist you with internal and external reporting requirements as part of your overall business consultation.
  • Privately Owned Companies
    Our experience as a business accountant extends to most privately-owned companies, including manufacturing, insurance, IT and professional services. Financial Statement Preparation: We are well versed in the preparation of compiled, reviewed and audited financial statements, using GAAP or another basis of accounting.

Accounting Service Software Setup

Accounting software is a must-have for many small businesses and the single biggest contributor to well-organized, clean financial recordkeeping and reporting. We assist startups and other small businesses in setting up QuickBooks, Peachtree and other accounting software. We can also provide training in the use of these programs, so you can manage your day-to-day activities and review your balance sheet, income statement, cash flows and accounts receivable and payables.

Accounting for Individuals

More than just small businesses, we also offer consulting for individuals when it comes to their tax preparation. We’ll review your documents with you to help you better understand your tax position and any assets, as well as what you can do to minimize liabilities and overall tax impact.

For more information about any of the general accounting services we offer or to inquire about the specific needs of your business, contact our firm today by calling 937-291-3100.

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